Selling/Purchasing a car?

Sell your car with confidence: (If you are having troubles viewing this page, click here for the Mobile version)

Are you selling your vehicle and/or plan on purchasing a new car?  If you answered yes, please check out our packages we have for you below.

It’s a known fact that clean and polished vehicles sell faster than if they are dull and dirty. A potential car buyer typically wants a clean, reliable used car that rarely reminds him or her that the car had a previous owner.  They also like to a nice clean engine under the hood.  So, if you are wanting to sell your car we suggest you boost its appeal with a thorough interior and exterior cleaning.  That’s why we designed this package just for selling your car as in the end it will pay for itself and get you closer to your asking price!

*Also, keep in mind to check out our New Car Package if you plan on purchasing a new car.

sell your car pkg

Protect your new vehicle with us:

Many think that a new car doesn’t need any cleaning or maintenance but your long-term protection depends on properly preparing and protecting your car. The sooner you protect the paint and interior of your new car the better.  This is why we design this New Car Package just for you.  Let us help you protect your investment.

*New Car(s) must be 60 days old or less to qualify for this package

new car pkg